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We present an extensive range of Crystals from one-off unique Crystals to Healing tools, Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery also Native American Dream Catchers and smudge sticks.

We offer natural crystals as Clusters, crystals to aid in healing, crystals in their natural state from single and double terminated points to raw formations.

You will find a great range of Baltic Amber Jewellery as well as Crystals and gemstones crafted as Palmstones and Thumbstones, Hearts, Pyramids, Pendants and Crystal Carvings, Agate slices, Wands, Points, Pendulums along with Spheres to platonic solids.

We are also the home to some great Incenses like the famous Sai Baba Nag Champa and great names like Aargee, Tulasi, Stamford & Padmini all makers of fine fragrances and Incenses.

Ultimately we offer a range of hand prepared Magical incenses with instructions on their use. Our Native American Dream Catchers make a great addition to any bedroom and are from genuine Native owned companies.

We hope you enjoy the site, weather driven by initial curiosity or aiming to buy Crystals, Incense, Baltic Amber Jewellery or Native American dream catchers and sale items.